Our Shipping Policy

  1. Many people ask if it is safe to ship a puppy. Flying in an air-plane is just as safe as traveling in a car and possibly less stressful than a long car ride. A lot of people think animals are drugged, put in a box, tossed around with the rest of the baggage or left in hot planes for hours etc.. If this was true then we would never ship our puppies!! After almost 16 years of shipping puppies all over USA, AU, and Canada. We have never had one problem besides normal flight delays and that is fairly rare as well. 

  2. -our puppy will not be stacked on top of suitcases. Airlines have special places for pets so that they will be protected from cargo and luggage. 

  3. Extra food and ice water is taped to the side of the crate in the event of an unexpected layover/delay. Shipping pups takes a lot of time and planning. Pups must be taken to the vet just before shipping to get a shipping health certificate. Shipping is usually $215 to $230 (which includes vet clearance health certification. We often have free shipping coupons and if you happened to contact us when there is one available, you will definitely benefit from it and shipping your puppy will be free.

  4. We make all the shipping arrangements. We search for the shortest available flight preferably with no layovers. We try to make the arrangements within 24-48 hours, if possible but sometimes we make them only a couple hours in advance. Don’t worry. We will email the flight arrival information (airline, day of shipment, flight number, air-bill number and time of arrival) as soon as they have been confirmed to us by the airline. Flight times and numbers are subject to change without notice. If they do, we will call you immediately after the puppy has been put on the flight with the changes and all information you will need to pick up your puppy (very rarely does this happen). Payment in full including shipping fees must be received before shipping arrangements can be made.

  5. *Picking Up: 

  6. Plan to wait a 1/2 hour to a full hour after landing time to actually get your puppy and you must produce valid ID and the airway bill number.

  7. Most families report that the puppy was made available to them between 15 to 30 minutes from the time the plane arrived but they do say it can be up to an hour after they land. When your puppy arrives, he/she may be picked up in the cargo pickup area or, if shipped priority, picked up at the priority parcel office of the airport, which is generally in the baggage claim area.

  8. We also can arrange for your dog to be delivered right at your home which will make it easier and faster for you. We always like introducing this option to our clients because we will not like the baby to be left alone at the airport when he/she arrived. It usually cost a little like $50 but that makes your delivery easy and stress free. 

  9. After you pick up your puppy and have returned home, we would ask that you call or email us , to let us know how the puppy is doing.

Call +1 (813) 430-9261


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